We have fluid flush services to get optimal gas mileage at Walker Acura today!

Replacing old fluid with new!

At Walker Acura in Metairie, we are striving to give you the best fluid flush services available so you can get things in working order and increase your mileage potential. It's imperative to keep up with the regular flushing of your car, and we will replace the old fluids across various parts of your vehicle with fresh fluid that will have it running more smoothly and efficiently. You will gain many benefits from regularly flushing your vehicle with us, including saving money and increased performance, among others. We have the right certified mechanics for the job who pay careful attention to the process and determine any leaks that need immediate addressing. This will ensure that corrosive buildup of harmful substances won't occur, which can accelerate the destruction of your vehicle.

An effective and affordable flush

A comprehensive fluid flush from Walker Acura may constitute more than just a simple replacement of the fluids. We are here to give a thorough approach if necessary to rinse and clean the entire system so that you're adequately prepared for the road. This is especially necessary if you haven't been in for servicing after some time. We have the knowledge and right application to send a special cleaner through your system before replacing the fluids that will eliminate any grime buildup. This can cause your car to slow down if not properly addressed, and we operate with integrity to make sure your system is thoroughly examined and serviced effectively. We are proud to offer you an affordable price that will keep you coming back for routine services, knowing that your needs are considered. Walker Acura is comprehensive in our fluid flush application and will assess each situation resulting in a much smoother ride around New Orleans.

We cover all the bases

There are many different aspects of a fluid flush that need to be accounted for, and we have you covered from start to finish with the essentials. We can effectively service your brake flush so that you're safer on the road while braking. You may need an engine oil flush, which should be conducted every 5000 to 10000 miles to maintain a healthy engine free of buildup. The fuel system flush is necessary at around 35000 miles but should always be checked, and we make sure your whole system is analyzed. We can cover areas like power steering fluid flushes, radiator flushing, and a full transmission fluid flush. All of these are essential to keeping your vehicle in working order for the future. We can service your Acura according to the nature of any given model and know how they need to be treated to run better overall. Our certified mechanics are skilled in all sorts of flushing, and we will help you to get your car in optimal health if you haven't serviced it in a while. We always encourage a routine flushing schedule, and our team is perfect for the job!

Contact us today!

If you know it's time to get your vehicle serviced with a proper fluid flush, then we are the right professionals to handle the job swiftly and accurately. There is no fuss here as we give you a fast and friendly approach to replacing those old fluids and equipping you for future excursions on the road. It's especially fruitful to flush your fluids and replace them if you know you're going on a long trip because it will make things run much better across faster speeds and longer distances. Contact Walker Acura today to get a comprehensive fluid flush of your system!


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