Schedule an Acura Brake Pad Replacement in Metairie

Whether you're driving your Acura for work or fun on the roads of New Orleans, you want to be safe. Brake maintenance is a vital part of vehicle care, and you don't want to ignore any signs of trouble that could lead to expensive repairs or unsafe driving conditions.

What Are Brake Pads?

For most drivers, as long as their vehicle is performing as it should, it's not necessary to get caught up in the details of complicated automotive systems. However, it doesn't hurt to understand how your vehicle works, especially when it concerns a safety issue like misbehaving brakes. When you press on the brake pedal, that pressure gets transferred via the brake fluid in your hydraulic lines to the brake calipers, which clamp down on a spinning metal disc in your wheels, causing your vehicle to slow down. The brake calipers come fitted with brake pads that can withstand the heat and friction of the spinning disc, much as you would put on an oven mitt to handle a hot pan.

Signs You Need Brake Pad Replacement

Squeaking - While usually a sign that the pads are thin, it's possible to have brand new brake pads and still hear squeaking noises. Brake dust forms as friction slowly grinds away brake pad material each time you stop in Metairie. That dust can build up, creating conditions somewhat mimicking the sound you'll hear when pads wear thin. The difference is that low brake pads will continue to get louder, while normal squeaking from brake dust is temporary.

Vibrating - If you notice vibration each time you step on the brake pedal, it's quite likely your rotors exhibit damage and create an uneven surface that results in vibration when you use the brakes.

Inefficient braking - This symptom can be a sign there's something wrong with your brake fluid lines. Alternatively, it could mean your brake pads are so low that your vehicle can't properly stop. In either case, it's a dangerous symptom that requires immediate attention from a technician.

Grinding noises - Allowing your brake pads to wear too thin will cause your brakes to progress from squeaking to grinding. At this point, you've probably damaged your rotors and need to get the pads replaced before repairs get even more expensive. It's a good idea never to let your brakes get that low.

Thin pads - Even if you're a novice in car care, you can check your brake pads to see how worn they are if your wheels and hubcaps have a design that incorporates wide enough holes to look through. If the pads are less than a quarter of an inch thick, they'll need replacing.

Dashboard warning - Just as you should never ignore your oil pressure indicator light, you should never shrug off a dashboard warning about your brakes. You won't always get a warning about your brakes this way, but if you do, you'll need to follow up with a technician right away.

How Often Do Brake Pads Need Replacing?

There's no hard and fast rule when it comes to brakes because every driver has a different driving style. If you've got a lot of stop-and-go traffic each day in New Orleans, expect to replace them more often than someone driving the open road.

For Acura brake care in Metairie, visit Walker Acura. We use authentic parts sourced from the manufacturer when possible. We aim to ensure your service visit results in a quality repair matching how your Acura performed when it first left the factory. We'll provide you with accurate brake inspections that locate issues before they cause a problem and keep your travels safe, wherever they take you.


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