New Incoming Inventory

Our incoming inventory are vehicles that are scheduled to arrive but have not landed yet. It can range from a day to a couple months before we have them on our lot.
- If you aren't in a rush, this is a great way to reserve a brand-new car, fresh off the truck! No previous test drives or mileage.

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Stock # Exterior Color
407323AO Majestic Black Pearl
407304AO Majestic Black Pearl
407324AO Modern Steel Metallic
407382AO Platinum White Pearl
407323AO Apex Blue Pearl
407305AO Majestic Black Pearl
407353AO Majestic Black Pearl
407324AO Majestic Black Pearl
407306AO Modern Steel Metallic
407383AO Modern Steel Metallic
Stock # Exterior Color
40733AO Lunar Silver Metallic
4073814AO Platinum White Pearl
407357AO Majestic Black Pearl
4073815AO Majestic Black Pearl
4073816AO Fathom Blue Pearl
407358AO Majestic Black Pearl
407331AO Majestic Black Pearl
407359AO Majestic Black Pearl
4073212AO Majestic Black Pearl
407309AO Majestic Black Pearl
407271AO Majestic Black Pearl
4073212AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073510AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073511AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073512AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073010AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073817AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073618AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073513AO Phantom Violet Pearl
407332AO Phantom Violet Pearl
4073514AO Performance Red Pearl
4073818AO Performance Red Pearl
407272AO Lunar Silver Metallic
4073819AO Lunar Silver Metallic
4073820AO Lunar Silver Metallic
4073515AO Lunar Silver Metallic
4073821AO Lunar Silver Metallic
4073822AO Platinum White Pearl
4073619AO Platinum White Pearl
4073823AO Platinum White Pearl
4073516AO Platinum White Pearl
4073517AO Platinum White Pearl
4073824AO Platinum White Pearl
4073825AO Platinum White Pearl
4073826AO Platinum White Pearl
4073518AO Platinum White Pearl
407273AO Platinum White Pearl
407333AO Majestic Black Pearl
40736020AO Fathom Blue Pearl
4073621AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073622AO Platinum White Pearl
4073623AO Fathom Blue Pearl
4073827AO Majestic Black Pearl
4073213AO Majestic Black Pearl
4073519AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073828AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073011AO Lunar Silver Metallic
4073624AO Platinum White Pearl
4073625AO Platinum White Pearl
40731AO Majestic Black Pearl
4073012AO Majestic Black Pearl
4073520AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073214AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073626AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
4073627AO Lunar Silver Metallic
407334AO Platinum White Pearl
4073829AO Platinum White Pearl
Stock # Exterior Color
407367AO Performance Red Pearl
407368AO Platinum White Pearl
407369AO Majestic Black Pearl
407307AO Fathom Blue Pearl
4073610AO Fathom Blue Pearl
407308AO Fathom Blue Pearl
4073611 Gun Metallic
407325AO Modern Steel Metallic
407326AO Modern Steel Metallic
407327AO Modern Steel Metallic
407354AO Modern Steel Metallic
4073612AO Performance Red Pearl
407328AO Lunar Silver Metallic
407329AO Platinum White Pearl
4073613AO Platinum White Pearl
407355AO Platinum White Pearl
4073614AO Platinum White Pearl
4073210AO Platinum White Pearl
4073615AO Platinum White Pearl
4073616AO Lunar Silver Metallic
407356AO Lunar Silver Metallic
4073211AO Lunar Silver Metallic
4073617AO Platinum White Pearl
Stock # Exterior Color
407384AO Fathom Blue Pearl
407385AO Performance Red Pearl
407386AO Lunar Silver Metallic
407387AO Platinum White Pearl
407388AO Platinum White Pearl
407389AO Platinum White Pearl
4073810AO Platinum White Pearl
4073811AO Majestic Black Pearl
4073812AO Lunar Silver Metallic
40737AO Apex Blue Pearl
4073813AO Liquid Carbon Metallic
40739AO Platinum White Pearl
Stock # Exterior Color
40727AO Modern Steel Metallic
40723AO Modern Steel Metallic
40730AO Lunar Silver Metallic
40736AO Platinum White Pearl
407361AO Apex Blue Pearl
407301AO Apex Blue Pearl
407362AO Majestic Black Pearl
407302AO Modern Steel Metallic
407363AO Modern Steel Metallic
407303AO Lunar Silver Metallic
407364AO Lunar Silver Metallic
407365AO Platinum White Pearl
40734AO Platinum White Pearl

Stock # Exterior Color
40732AO Majestic Black Pearl
407366AO Modern Steel Metallic
40735AO Apex Blue Pearl
40738AO Modern Steel Metallic
407321AO Platinum White Pearl
407351AO Majestic Black Pearl
407322AO Apex Blue Pearl
407381AO Apex Blue Pearl
407352AO Majestic Black Pearl
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